Designed To Inspire
Your World!

Designed To Inspire Your World!

Logoletta`s mission is to connect & to inspire people worldwide. Additionally as a designer, your design will be seen by millions of people on Logoletta T-Shirts which we will sell internationally on our E-Shopletta. Become Your Hero! You, as a designer, will receive 10% and with every sale we also commit to giving back by supporting charities across the world.

Why is
doing it?

The concept is to support each other globally. We are all about giving, sharing and inspiration to create a better and happier life on this planet.

How is
doing it?

With positive inspiration through
the Logoletta characters and
designs we will create positive
changes worldwide. We want to
share stories
from every skin
colour, every religion, every nation,
every gender on Logoletta T-Shirts.

What will
You get
as a designer?

You as a designer will become Your and Our Hero! You will help people by inspiring them in a positive way through your designs
+ earn some money
+ supporting charities globally

Share Your story on our T-Shirts!

What will
You get
as a owner?

You will be able to express your feelings with our T-Shirts. You will become aware of a silent but powerful sense of presence, and measure the degree of peace that you feel within. By buying our products you will support charities globally, and because of that you will become Your and Our Hero!


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